Sunday, September 21, 2014

Washington State Fair

September makes me nostalgic for the days of new school clothes, a new pair of "Keds", buying pencils, crayons, and trapper keepers.  It's also time to do the Wallup in Puyallup!  Okay, it's been renamed the "Washington State Fair", but it will always be The Puyallup to us.  We introduced Lucy to the fair this year and she loved it! She cried on the way to and from, but nary a tear was shed once we entered the fair grounds:

Let's go, guys! So much to see! 

Oh we will! Thank you! 

Isaac refused to sit on the giant hand... I can't imagine why! 

We saw an awesome all-seniors band singing "When I'm 65" Ohhh the irony! 

Aunt Patty got us free tickets, so we made her sculpture the first stop!
It was beautiful!

If you look closely the free form quilting forms footballs and helmets -- mad skills! 

Fair fooooooood! *drooling*

Lucy had some serious food-envy happening! 

...and so we shared with her... 


Cooking demo

Photo credit: Isaac McPhee

Isaac's guilty pleasure: Elephant Ear

And mine: fresh roasted corn with butter and salt!
I was dreaming about this for days ahead of time! 

Obligatory selfie in front of the roller coaster

Too much fair fun! 

I just love this guy! 

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