Saturday, September 20, 2014

Uncle Seth, Uncle Paul and Aunt Lu, Cousin Hailey -- oh my!

July 13, 2014 - These will be out of order as I'm updating. Eventually I'll put them in chronological order on the blog, but for now I'll leave them as "new" so you can see them. :)

We've had a great summer of family coming together to celebrate Grandfather turning 98 -- NINETY EIGHT -- 9-8!  That man has had quite the life! Can you even imagine living through all the technological and societal changes over the last century?  Uncle Paul and Aunt Lu (his oldest son and his wife) came up to celebrate him, as well as my big brother, Seth.  My cousin Hailey also made her first visit out here since the tender age of three!  It was her college graduation present -- how cool is that?! 

Seth's last morning naturally called for donuts and nerf gun wars! 

Then we headed off to Gene Coulon park for some fun in the sun: 

Lucy Lu loves her Uncle Seth! 

This kid!  He ran into something or other the night before. Had to document (yet another) black eye! 

This is about the closest Uncle Lonnie gets to wearing shorts... And he told me it wasn't hot that day! hahaha!  I think we proved him wrong. :) 

Nana has the magic touch!  My girl does not nap unless she's in her own bed. 

Cool baby! 

 Poor Sarah tore her achilles earlier this summer, so she was sporting the crutches.  She's a trooper, though! And look at Jade -- she passed the swim test and celebrated by swimming to the deep end with cousin Seth to jump off the dock!  Ava's goal for next summer is to join Jade out there! 

Lucy loving! 

Getting ice cream -- one of summer's simple pleasures!  Thanks, Auntie Jeannie! 

The obligatory (read: awesome!) out-of-towner pictures

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