Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fam, Fam, Family Time Christmas!

We had a great Christmas with the Coury Crew, and Ma and Pa Hendricks! 

The Courys just got a new wii so we spent a good bit of time learning the games and trying to beat each other through the learning curve! It turns out those kids are a couple of ringers! Ava at golf and Noah at bowling! The boy got a 190 in his first game!!! 

There were lots of presents to be opened: 

Some were decidedly less serious than others while some were sweet:

And then it was time to relax and enjoy what we'd received! Ava and Noah were blessed to receive big kid razor scooters from the parents and grands! They couldn't wait to try them out and since it was stormy outside, they took to the wood floors! 

Ava was insistent that she apply her new nail polish herself with a "supervisor".
It's always fun to see the classic toys make a comeback! Turns out army men are still fun!!! 

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