Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Claus is Comin to Town!

Every year the Courys make a tradition of going to see Santa at Nordstrom.  This year my mom (Nana to the kids), Isaac, and I tagged along.  Since I work in downtown I was able to walk over from my building after work just in time to get the page that it was time to go wait in Santa's house!

Waiting is hard, but cookies help pass the time...

These kids keep us smiling! They love each other, and there's rarely a dull moment!

We had a great Santa this year! He chatted with the kids, and let us take as many pictures as we could want! He really got the kids talking this year. Ava asked for an American Girl Doll and Noah asked for Snow White & the Seven Dwarves -- oh, and a prince charming!

We were getting ready to go, thanking Santa, and he insisted on a family picture of the Courys and the new young couple! :) Well, okay! If you insist, Santa!

After seeing Santa we were sooo hungry!!! We arrived at Pacific Place just in time to see it start SNOWING indoors!  What a fun treat! We had a blast dancing around, watching the snow fall. Noah even caught some on his tongue...aaaand he found out that indoor snowflakes aren't so delicious as outdoor flakes.

A few final pictures, and off we go!

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