Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'Tis Truly Better to Give Than Receive

Grandfather is still in the hospital recovering from surgery for an intestinal blockage. He's been feeling pretty low being in the hospital so long (he's been so healthy!) and was feeling incredibly weak. Still, he's been making progress each day! He's recovering from surgery, bounced back from kidney failure, and has been walking the length of the hall with a walker...and all at 96 with no stronger pain relief than Tylenol!  He's a rockstar!!!

Anyway, my Auntie Jeannie thought it would be the best gift to Grandfather to surprise him with some caroling on Christmas!  Boy, was she right!  We assembled in the lower lobby at Valley Medical and waited for him to arrive.  We started singing as soon as he appeared.

He was beyond touched!  Let's just say this is the first time I've ever seen my Grandfather cry! It was by far the best part of our Christmas. We are so joyfully blessed to have such a man in our lives as our GF! And to have such a family that will drop everything on Christmas day and drive to the hospital to sing for warmed me to to my tippiest toes to think of it.

I must say (in the words of Xandra), "we sound goooood!" and we did! We even drew a crowd!  It was such a blessing to me to bless him, and I know the rest of us were feeling the same.

He called each kid over and hugged and kissed them, and chatted a bit. I'm sure it was exhausting for him, but I'm equally sure it was worth every bit of strength it took!

The newlyweds even made a surprise visit!

The entire caroling chorus (minus me, of course!) 

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