Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gingerbread and Carouseling

A couple of days before Christmas we decided to hit the big city and see some gingerbread spectacularness!  It was just us girls and our mom and the kiddos! You never know what's going to happen when we get together!

We ran into a much longer line than we anticipated, but we found some cozy chairs, a fountain to throw change into, and a checkerboard along the way! All in all, not bad.

They were worth (most) of the wait!  We admit, we were still one line from being able to view them up close, but we gladly hoisted the kids up for a quick look.  We also seized the break in the crowd to send them up close for a good look.  

Once again they were quite spectacular this year!!  My favorite was the Narnia-themed wonderland.  Check out that wardrobe! Such detail! I love it!! 

On the way out the kids were running ahead up the staircase and I couldn't resist snapping some quick photos! I mean, just look at them! SO cute! 

Then it was back to the streets of downtown for some epic redlight/greenlight in the rain!  I just love spending time in downtown in winter! 

After Noah slid twice in the rain, we decided to call an end to red light/green light, but thankfully we'd made it to Westlake Park.  I have so many fond memories of meeting up with the Turners at this Starbucks in Christmases past!!

Then it was carousel time!  While the kids waited in line I snuck out into the rain to catch a picture of the horse-drawn carriage.  It's just one of the best sites to see in Seattle at Christmas! Love! 

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