Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Too Much Christmas

There is, apparently, such a thing as too much of a good thing.  Christmas, instead of being the exception to this rule, proves it like no other holiday!

We came back from caroling, had a delicious dinner made by Brian, then settled in for a bit more play time before bed.  It was bedtime that started the drama.

Turns out kids running on no sleep and lots of sugar are prone to complete and utter meltdowns!

It turns out it's impossible to get two utterly exhausted kiddos to settle on a single book for bedtime... It's even harder to get a happy picture of them following the book debacle.  Ava managed to be won over with the promise of silly faces...Noah was a harder sell. He was "not in the mood".

This is the ultimate "TOO MUCH CHRISTMAS" picture.  Isaac says I should stop here. So if you listen to Isaac, you'll stop at these pictures immediately below.

If you'd rather end on a happier, less pitiful note, I present to you: CHEEZY NOAH! 

After some snuggles from mommy, he recovered quite nicely to show off his awesome new pjs from Auntie and made his cheesiest of grins!

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