Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry (first!) Married Christmas!

This year brought with it a record number of firsts, not the least of which was our first married Christmas!  I have to say, I thought Christmases as a kid were the best, but being married on Christmas is pretty much the best thing ever! 

We were so excited we hardly slept, but at least we could snuggle as we waited for it to be a respectable hour to get up and start opening gifts! 

Our little tree was overwhelmed with presents!  Christmas morning brought with it two very full stockings, an excited pup, and a roaring, warm fire!
We opened our stockings to each other, and laughed and played while Charlie played...and subsequently destroyed his new (indestructible) toy within the first five minutes!  Then we moved him on to his Christmas treat!

We opened gifts both big and small: handcrafted and store-bought.  Isaac immediately donned his new hat, and got right to work installing his present to me: a new faucet and sprayer! He knows his wife well!!!  I was so excited!  I took the time to decorate the cookies he'd baked for us to share with the fam.  

This Christmas brought such joy to us as we remembered the birth of our Savior, and savored good time together.  I became even more aware of what an amazing, thoughtful, strong man I married. I'm even more in love now than I was Christmas Eve!  

We even made a point of pointing each other to Christ through our gifts: Isaac received a new Bible, and I received a journal with daily scripture recommendations for each day that we will read together and discuss and journal about.  Wow. I'm humbled by the leadership my husband shows in drawing us closer together in Christ. 

So blessed! So, to sum up, Christmas, married life, nutty is good!  More Christmas to come as we headed to celebrate with the family! 

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