Monday, September 29, 2014

Upwards Basketball 2013-2014 Highlights

We joined the Coury's to cheer on Ava in her second to last Upwards Basketball game last season.  She improved so much over the year -- in confidence, in skill, in being engaged (instead of standing and staring!)...  It was a joy to watch her play hard and demonstrate excellent sportsmanship!  This girl cheered hard for her teammates off and ON the court!

I wish I could find the video of her coach talking to her one-on-one after the game. He was so proud of her cheering on her teammates!  Showing Jesus in such a practical way -- even littles can teach us so much about living the Gospel!

Ava made her second basket of the season during this game -- during the two minutes that I didn't film of her on the court -- RATS!  Enjoy what I did film below:

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  1. This is great. She is a dribbling machine. Thanks so much for putting this up.

    Uncle Scott